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Legendary Actresses and Their Favorite Fragrances.

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Popular Women's Perfume Of The 1980's.

In this installment of my popular perfumes by the decade series we'll be taking a look at five perfumes from the 80's that were as popular as Madonna and bigger than a John Hughes movie. The 1980's saw a transistion not only in fashion but also in music from the departing decade of the 70's. Disco was giving way to the new sounds of bands like Duran Duran,Culture Club and Wham to name just a few. Bell bottoms were on their last leg and wide lapel shirts and leisure suits were slowly being swept into the dust bin of fashion. Styles were spinning towards a whole new look from designers such as Halston,Viivenne Westwood,Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. The 1980's also marked some landmark events such as the first personal computer which was introduced by IBM on August 12th,1981. The first space shuttle launch on April 12th,1981 and an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan on March 30th,1981.
The "Valley Girl" (which originated in the San Fernando valley a…

Popular Women's Perfume Of The 1950's.

The 1950's marked the start of several major world events including the beginning of the Korean war in 1950,the Vietnam war in 1955 as well as Alaska becoming the 49th state in 1959.The 1950's also started Chanel's commercial relationship with Marilyn Monroe with the famed movie starlet posing in various ads beginning in 1955 that promoted the company's famous Chanel No.5.Even though No. 5 was launched by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in 1921 its was still a very popular perfume in the 1950's and to this day still is. Chanel No.5's estimated annual sales revenue is right at 100 million dollars and according to Tilar J. Mazzeo the author of "The Secrets of Chanel No.5" a bottle of No.5 sells somewhere in the world every thirty seconds. Lets take a look at some other perfumes that were popular during the 1950's.
Je Reviens by Worth.Launched in 1932 by the House of Worth in Paris Je Reviens was an immensely popular perfume in the 1950's.It is …

Popular Women's Perfume Of The 1970's.

The 1970's marked some moments in history that are forever etched in our the minds. The September 1972 hostage crisis at the summer Olympic games in Berlin where five members of the Palestinian terrorists group Black September took nine Israeli athletes hostage demanding the release of political prisoners by the Israeli government. There plan didn't work and in the end all nine hostages had been killed along with their captors and one police officer. The Beatles called it quits in April of 1970 and released their final album "Let It Be" one month later. Ohio National Guard members shot and killed four students at Kent State University in May of 1970 as they demonstrated on campus against the Vietnam war. Charles Manson and three of his so called "family" members went on trial on June 16th,1970 for their roles in the brutal and calculated murders of actress Sharon Tate and three others at her home in Los Angeles on August 9th,1969. Richard Nixon resigned as …

Popular Women's Perfume Of The 1960's.

The 1960's proved to be a decade that marked some defining moments in history. Some of those moments included the November 22nd,1963 assasination of President John F Kennedy as his motorcade made its way through the streets of downtown Dallas,Texas. The signing of the The Civil Rights Act on July 2nd,1964 by President Johnson. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20th,1969. In that same year the massive outdoor music/art festival Woodstock took place on Max Yasgur's 600 acre dairy farm near Bethel,New York between August 15th and August 18th. The 60's also marked the beginning of the hippie movement or the "counter-culture" which was marked by the "Riots On Sunset" in Hollywood on November 12th,1966. These riots were in protest,mainly by younger people who were demonstrating against a 10:00 pm curfew that was in place to help ease congestion in and around the Sunset Strip during the nighttime hours. Those are just some of the events…